Deaf Talk, LLC sponsors introductory, intermediate and advanced level developmental workshops. Workshops can be modified to fit the needs of your company.  Workshop duration and cost will be determined after we’ve discussed specifics of the engagement.  We also offer workshops with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by request*

Deaf Talk’s workshops will increase your organizations’ and businesses’ knowledge and awareness of:

  • Deaf Culture
  • The needs of Deaf consumers/clients
  • Understanding Freelance work and your role
  • How to work with Sign Language Interpreters

Our workshop format combines lecture and role playing, to provide an experience that is both entertaining and informative.  Deaf Talk, LLC workshops make a difference by educating your employees about how to effectively communicate with Deaf individuals and increases their awareness about issues related to delivery of services to Deaf clients or employees.


Working With Interpreters: Know Your Rights

Presentation involves speaking to company owners, supervisors and employees. The goal is to motivate employees to understand how to work with American Sign Language Interpreters and put them at ease when it comes to working with Deaf people. Deaf Talk CEO Malia Johnson speaks about how to work with interpreters and explains the different interpreter certification/credential levels.  She provides insight into the challenges Deaf people face and the ways they compensate for and overcome their disability.  Malia will give you guidance and tips on how to motivate both your Deaf and Hearing employees to work side by side and focus on teamwork and getting the job done.

Workshop Objectives

  • Introduction
  • What do you know about interpreters
  • Interpreters levels
  • Interpreters skills
  • Family members and friends interpreting for you
  • Don’t shoot the messenger
  • Scenarios
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A

Understanding Deaf Culture

Often the needs of the Deaf are not addressed because employees, family and friends are not aware or know about the cultural norms associated with members of the Deaf community. Deaf Talk, LLC has developed a Deaf Culture Awareness workshop that helps educate and give hearing employees a greater insight into the world of Deafness and increases their awareness of Deaf Culture.

The workshop is ideal for organization/business environments such as hospitals, courts, police departments, business offices, government agencies, social services, fire departments, emergency responders, and more.

Workshop Objectives

Here are a few of the objectives that are addressed during this workshop:

  • Deaf Culture Awareness
  • What do you know about Deaf Culture?
  • Deaf Abilities
  • Communication
  • Job Discrimination
  • Service Animal Etiquette
  • Types of equipment available to the Deaf
  • Empathy
  • Conclusion
  • Role Play
  • Q&A

Understanding your Deaf Employee

Presentation involves how to understand the and get to know Deaf people. Don’t let lack of communication be a barrier to employees. When two people like each other, you will find a way to communicate. Through written, spoken or signed words, you can learn to communicate between the Deaf and Hearing worlds.

NOTE:  this is NOT a comprehensive list of all workshops.  DeafTalk, LLC has created a number of workshops to meet specific organizations’ needs.  If what you see here does not precisely fit YOUR needs, please contact CEO Malia Johnson directly .  She may have an already-developed, organization-specific workshop that can be tailored to satisfy your requirements, or she will work diligently to create a workshop that’s designed specifically for you.


Contact us today to schedule a workshop.


* If workshop is for CEUs, please contact Malia directly for more information and prices.

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