The Company

Deaf Talk, LLC is a Deaf-owned company. Deaf Talk, LLC is an up and coming leader and dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional and ethical Sign Language services at reasonable prices to the community in accordance with the American Disability Act of 1990 (ADA). Since 2006, Deaf Talk, LLC has set the standard in meeting ADA requirements, bridging communication gap between Deaf and Hearing persons, and enhancing the quality of interaction between the Deaf and Hearing communities. In addition to regular interpreting services, we also offer a wide range of other services for your needs. Deaf Talk, LLC has been able to stand by their fundamentals since their inception in 2006. Deaf Talk, LLC is a certified women-owned business (M/WBE) through City of Orlando, State of Florida, Orange County and Osceola County.

Sticking to Quality, Integrity and Experience of Sign Language Interpreters, Deaf Talk, LLC has been a leading role model for companies employing Deaf and Hearing national and state credential/ADA qualified interpreters to provide the highest quality interpreting services and communication access available for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing communities. Deaf Talk, LLC is the leading provider of sign language interpreting services in the Central Florida region in every aspect of public and private community life. Deaf Talk, LLC has clearly established its dedication to Quality, Integrity and Experience. It’s founding principle of Quality is the driving force behind Deaf Talk, LLC to recruit a diverse and highly skilled interpreters in the workforce, along with establishing a professional development department, mentorship programs, professional workshops, and 1:1 tutoring. It collaborates and supports industry current needs, while maintaining its visionary leadership. Integrity and Experience has made it the Sign Language interpreting company of choice, with a client base that includes all facets of government (federal, state, and local) departments, education, (serving two counties, college university and private educational programs), medical and mental health services, conference and training and areas of entertainment (concerts and theatre). Deaf Talk, LLC brings you a wide range of experienced interpreters in all aspects of interpreting for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

The Future

Deaf Talk, LLC is constantly working hard to expand their horizons and thrives on outside the box options to assist the Deaf community.  Deaf Talk, LLC is determined to continue producing the best option of communication choices to help make that possible. We listen to other people’s feedback on how we can improve our services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.


Deaf Talk, LLC is a Central Florida, community based company, eager to be engaged and working hard to improve community relations with our Deaf and Hard of Hearing community residents.  Being Deaf herself has allowed CEO Malia Johnson to offer the unique view of both the deaf perspective and the business perspective.  Simply providing an interpreter is not enough for Malia.  She wants to give the community the best there is to offer and she holds her interpreters to strict guidelines, ensuring the best for both the Deaf client and the community.

Malia personally teaches some of our provided Sign Language Classes.  These classes are offered to the community for families, friends, co-workers, or simply someone wanting to better themselves by learning an additional skill.  The Deaf Talk, LLC website has been designed as a tool for the Deaf and hearing community to bridge the gap and get involved with each other. We now have an archive of links to our past/current business newsletters to read about what we do to educate the community about Deaf culture and more.

With its mission to providing the highest quality professional and ethical Sign Language services to the community in accordance with the communication preference of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons, Deaf Talk, LLC continues its visionary passion for the benefit of all our communities.

About CEO Malia K. Johnson, B.S., DI

Deaf Talk, LLC CEO Malia JohnsonCompany President/CEO Malia K Johnson was born in Los Angeles, CA. She was confirmed legally Deaf at six months of age. As a child she was mainstreamed in public schools and took private vocal lessons with the assistance of hearing aids. Over the years, Malia has worked in various companies and traveled around the U.S.A. and Europe. In 1997, Malia settled in Orlando, FL where she worked for a major company for 12 ½ years and was recognized as a leading consultant on Deaf Culture. She was often found lecturing in seminars or teaching American Sign Language to employees/clients.

Malia served two years as a Region Representative Board member for FRID (Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) from 2009 – 2011 and former board member of  NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). She is currently called upon to provide workshops to the Deaf and companies about working with interpreters traveling all over Florida and outside of Florida. In 2010, Malia quit her full-time job to focus in her passion to expand her company into an interpreting agency providing the highest quality professional and ethical Sign Language services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons around Florida.

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About CFO Peggy Wells

CFO Peggy WellsOur Chief Financial Officer, Peggy Wells, was born in Norfolk, VA. As a “service brat”. Peggy moved many times while growing up, and eventually found herself in the military as well. She has spent the last 30 years working in the financial community of the U.S. Army.

Peggy has lived in Orlando since 1977 and has watched the area grow. She has served on the local board of the American Society of Military Comptrollers. In crossing paths with Malia Johnson, Peggy realized a passion for the Deaf community. Peggy applies her financial knowledge as CFO to Deaf Talk, LLC where she is responsible for all things finance and budget.



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