Job Opportunities

Deaf Talk, LLC is one of the leading sign language interpreting agencies.  Our company is built around Quality, Integrity, and Experience. We provide many ways for our staff to continue their education and grow inside the company. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to work with Deaf Talk, LLC., we’d love to hear from you!

We have positions for all levels – from Florida State credentialed to RID Nationally Certified sign language interpreters. Choose from interests such as onsite interpreting in different scenarios, legal, medical and more. We are always looking for qualified freelance community interpreters who are able to provide the highest quality interpreting services for a variety of consumers.

At Deaf Talk, LLC, interpreters must be flexible, professional and ethical, with a desire and capacity to provide the highest quality consumer service. The national demand for interpreting services continues to out-pace the availability of qualified interpreters.

Not sure what direction is best for you? Deaf Talk, LLC provides some of the highest quality interpreters in Florida. With a number of options available to interpreters, from working as staff, as independent contractors or with agencies, we aim to be an option for dedicated interpreters who take pride in their work. Here are some things that make Deaf Talk, LLC stand out:

  • We like to get to know interpreters before they start working with us. Our screening process lets us learn more about you and your interpreting skills, allowing us to best place you on assignments in which you are interested.
  • We are supporting the Deaf community. We believe that effective coordination of high-quality ASL/English interpreting services rests in large part on having a thorough understanding of the needs and history of the Deaf community.
  • Our staff is here to assist. Whether you want to VP, email, or call, you can choose the most convenient method of contacting us.

Applicants should prepare to demonstrate these skills during the application and screening process when you receive a call or email for an interview.

Please complete this application so that we can learn more about your background.

We invite you to explore the opportunities that may be waiting for you here at Deaf Talk, LLC!

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