Deaf Advocacy

The Deaf Talk, LLC Advocacy Office educates and advocates on behalf of and to empower deaf and hard of hearing people.

Free ServiceThis is a FREE (for a limited time) service to the Deaf Community. 


We are a here to help with general information about deaf-related issues and your rights depending on what it is about. This information is available to deaf and hard of hearing individuals; and to employers, service providers and businesses. We provide advocacy support and referral to guide you on the right path.


We advocate on issues of concern to the deaf and hard of hearing community. We cover a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, education, employment, and health care. Most of the time service providers do not know the deaf and hard-of-hearing individual rights, their responsibility/liability, nor do they know how to work with an interpreter.

When a deaf or hard-of-hearing person contacts our office to request assistance with some type of conflict or misunderstanding with a provider, Deaf Talk, LLC does the following:

  • Get as much information that pertains to a particular situation from the client; information such as name and location of business where they are encountering difficulty, whom they spoke to and what is their perception of the issue at hand
  • Contact the service provider and educate the service provider of the deaf/hard-of-hearing individuals’ right to have equal access and effective communication to the product or service they are rendering to the community. Explain and provide information on the American with Disability Act and the Rehabilitation Act, throughly explaining public accommodations also assist the service provider to fully understand their responsibility and liability.
  • Direct the product or service provider to the ADA government website, or National Association for the Deaf
  • Offer the provider assistance to educate their staff on how to work with an interpreter and their deaf and/or hard-of-hearing clients
  • Inform the provider there are different interpreting agencies in their area. Provide them with our company information
  • Follow-up with either a confirmation of a request for an interpreter or simply to verify if they need any further assistance understanding the roles and responsibility of providing equal access and effective communication to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

We are NOT Lawyers

We are not lawyers nor do we provide legal advice. We can provide you with referrals or advice on who to contact regarding disability discrimination and your rights. Lawyers carefully select their cases to establish powerful legal principles of equality and equal access. This means that the selected cases may present the best mixture of legal and factual issues, with the potential of having the widest possible impact and benefit for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Contact us for more information or to have us advocate for you.

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