Conference and Event Coordination

Free ServiceWhen you book a Deaf Talk, LLC interpreter for a large conference/event around Central Florida, we will manage the details of arranging interpreting accommodations for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing attendees for you. This allows the event organizer to remain focused on overall coordination.  Deaf Talk, LLC provides this coordination service FREE to customers who use our interpreters for conferences/events.

Coordinating at large conferences/events entails:

  • Determining budget options with the event organizers
  • Identifying the number of interpreters being requested
  • Working closely with event organizer/management via email
  • Recruiting, screening and scheduling interpreters to fit the need of your request

Our coordination service is customized for each conference/event in identifying expectations associated with the management of this process, from developing a budget, through the execution of specific services, to the post-conference/event settlement of costs with contributing vendors.

Our conference coordinators aim to exceed the expectations of the organizers and the participants of the conference/event.

Contact us today to request an interpreter for your conference/event, and get our conference/event coordination service FREE!

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