American Sign Language Interpreting

Deaf Talk, LLC excels in, and stays firmly committed to providing the highest quality American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services available in the Central Florida area.  Deaf Talk, LLC can provide English and/or Spanish ASL interpreting for all of your communication needs at your specified location(s).  We even provide tactile interpreting for the Deaf/Blind clientele. Our Deaf CEO, Malia Johnson, personally interviews all new interpreters to ensure the level of their certification/signing skills.  Being deaf, Malia understands the needs of the deaf client.

The mission of Deaf Talk, LLC is to advocate for and facilitate equal access to quality and comprehensive services that enhance the quality of life for people who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in Central Florida.  Our interpreters follow the Registery of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Professional Code of Conduct (CPC) which  ensures all interpreted conversations, no matter how private, are kept private and confidential.

By using skilled and dependable American Sign Language Interpreters who take pride in their work, Deaf Talk, LLC can accommodate multiple interpreting needs in a variety of settings including but not limited to:

  • Businesses
  • Employment (Job interviews, Counselings, training sessions, and meetings)
  • Educational (All levels)
  • Governmental Agencies and Political Events
  • Medical
  • Seminars and Conferences (includes FREE coordination service!)
  • Legal offices, Police interrogation, and Courtroom settings
  • Artistic (professional theater settings, local level theater, school theater, and even rock concerts!
  • Public events (news casts, public presenters, Church settings)
  • And more…

A few details about some of the more common application settings:


Deaf Talk, LLC understands the fast paced environment in the business world and can provide interpreters for any business setting in any type of company.  No company is too big or too small.  We are here to meet your needs.  Our skilled interpreters excel in meeting your needs in every facet of the business world.  The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) details a Professional Code of Conduct (CPC) that interpreters must follow.  You can be assured your information remains confidential and not repeated outside the interpreting assignment. Your privacy is part of our business!

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Deaf Talk, LLC provides ASL interpreters for multiple medical providers/settings in the Central Florida area. We have specifically skilled interpreters that understand medical terminology and also understand and abide by HIPAA laws.  Your medical staff and patient can communicate freely, with assurance their communmication is kept confidential by our professional interpreters. In the medical setting, to support the comfort of the patient and doctors/nurses, you can request a male or female interpreter.  You may advise Deaf Talk, LLC of your  particular medical need and our schedulers match an interpreter to the job.  Routine or emergency, day or night, Deaf Talk, LLC stands ready to support whatever your medical situation calls for.

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Courtroom and Legal

Deaf citizens are entitled to an interpreter in any legal setting.  From the moment a law enforcement officer comes in contact with a Deaf citizen, proper communication is a must.  Arrests, bookings, interrogations, investigations, interviews, depositions, and courtroom appearances all require and interpreter to be present.  Any legal process with a Deaf person involved denotes a requirement for an interpreter.

Deaf Talk, LLC has interpreters specifically skilled in the legal arena and up to date on legal terminology. Our reliable interpreters can step into any legal proceeding and you can be assured your communication is being relayed accurately and quickly.  For those hard to communicate with Deaf clients, (with rudimentry or no deaf/communication skills) we have additional interpreters, skilled in communicating at very basic levels of American Sign Language.  We have tri-lingual interpreters and Deaf/Blind tactile interpreters. Don’t compromise your clients right to a fair judgement because of a failed communication.  Deaf Talk, LLC is ready to help you and your Deaf clients communicate effectively.

Our interpeters can be utilized but are not limited to the below:

  • Criminal or Civil Cases
  • Mediations
  • Penitentiaries
  • Attorney/Client meetings
  • Mediations
  • Depositions
  • Table interpreting of Privileged Information in Courtroom settings
  • On-Location Services (i.e. at jail for attorney/client meetings)
  • Police Interrogations (in jail or court jail)
  • Police and Legal Interviews/Investigations
  • Booking and Release

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Artistic (Entertainment-Related)

Deaf Talk, LLC provides interpreters skilled in the performing arts.  From the school play to the performing arts centers, to rock concerts, our interpreters can meet your needs.  Our interpreters, will meet the vision of your show or director.  Our interpreters effectively master choreography, timing, sign choice and other factors to provide your Deaf Client with an enjoyable experience.  While some artistic interpretation can be visually entertaining to all attendees, our interpreters are professional and discreet, and will not upstage your leading performers!

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